Communication made easy through
organised groups with aapoon Circles.


Circles allows unlimited members for large
groups with multi-level SubCirles.


Direct/group messaging, video conferencing
and social media all in one app


Your data will not be sold to or shared with third parties.

aapoon is a new age social media and messaging platform where communication has been made easy, organised and safe. We know how tedious it is to manage multiple groups for personal, professional and commercial communication. aapoon is a step forward in organisational and large group communication through a seamless structure of levels for group messaging. aapoon is a social media platform that makes it easy for large groups to communicate effectively. The aapoon app moves past the limitations of the existing apps.

WELCOME to aapoon,

the social networking and communication
plaform for large groups!


aapoon's core idea is to have a platform that is safe, reliable and gives power to the users. We have built a social media experience with complete transparency and accountability. aapoon stands apart in having authentic users, no eavesdropping and gives you YOUR SPACE for YOUR THOUGHTS!


make your own story


instant messaging
via direct, Circles
and discover modes



explore, follow and
connect with your
preferences and


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aapoon IS A NEW AGE

People have been struggling to handle dozens of messaging groups for work, personal and professional communication across departments within an organisation. Circles is our innovative endeavour to transform the messaging experience while catering to the needs of different types of large groups or organizations.

Unlimited Members

Communication via Circles makes it simpler to organise and manage without restrictions on group size! You can have unlimited members in a group for corporate companies, educational institutions, hospitals, political parties, celebrities and more.

Organised Groups

aapoon Circles comes with the solution for a large group to handle communication in any professional/personal situation. With aapoon Circles, you can create up to 6 levels of sub-groups within a single Circle to administer and facilitate communications easily. e.g., for departments in an organisation, various gram panchayats, districts, talukas in a political party, fan groups for a celebrity, and much more.

Enhanced Administration

aapoon Circles provides admins with tools to effectively manage these large groups from designating group member roles to filtering content. These tools not only simplify group management, but also improve the user experience.

Video Conferencing

The aapoon app provides a full suite of video conferencing capabilities. Video conference calls can be set up within a Circle or sub-Circle. Using it for a department, a classroom, or team is just a click away.

Data Privacy

Sharing of user data with third party applications has been a cause of worry for many. The user's personal information never leaves the aapoon platform and is used only for verification. When all users in a group are fully verified, fake and misleading information, and spamming become a thing of the past.


  • An app exclusively for Indians and by Indians
  • Option of authentication via Aadhaar for larger organisations
  • An opportunity to earn through ad revenue by participating and engaging actively on aapoon
  • All your instant communications needs fulfilled with aapoon


“Our G.K. R GROUP is a proud user of the aapoon which is an Indian app. that replaces foreign apps with low-level privacy and reduces the complexity to use 2 or more apps. we used China's app for video conferencing and an American app to create groups for messaging. All of these apps are foreign and the security of data, the privacy of profiles is doubtful. We feel very convenient after becoming "aapoon user" only one app instead of 3 apps with high-level privacy & security features.”

Gorantla Ramadevi

Chairman, G.K.R. GROUP, INDIA.

“I am an e-commerce retailer since 2018. I market my Products on WhatsApp but the WA Group size limit is painful. A business has to create several groups to sell products which means unproductive time. aapoon app provides CIRCLES(Groups) with no limitation of members. I could run promotions and reach all the customers by posting in one group. I got more customers. I recommend aapoon to online retailers to build customer base and loyalty. Grow Your Business with aapoon” ❣️ THANK YOU AAPOON

Shanmuk Sai

E-commerce Retailer

"I was surfing on the internet one morning and came across this awesome app. It has some great features with the highest security I have ever seen in any social media app. Pro-tip for all the girls, you can now easily identify genuine users by looking into their batch. Green badge denotes that the person is Fully Verified. Kudos to the Idea of segregating the fake and the real user 👍 Highly encourage everyone to experience this safer version of social media 😃 “

Sanjana Jain

B.Tech 4th year, at ICFAI

“In our Mandal, there are 3000 bookkeepers in DWCRA. I used many WhatsApp groups to communicate with bookkeepers due to the size limit. it was very difficult for me to handle dozens of groups. I came across the aapoon which is made by Indians. The app allowed me to handle dozens of groups in a single circle with a group hierarchy. It made my work easier by just sending a single message instead of sending the same messages to several groups. I track every bookkeeper activity related to DWCRA Mahilas easily.”

G.L Sudhakar

Asst.project manager(YSR Kranthi Pathakam), Andhra Pradesh



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Last week, I had the opportunity to discuss with the IT head of a major Indian political party. He wanted to better understand how aapoon could cater to the needs of his party members (political candidates, party volunteers, and party management). The party has been using WhatsApp to campaign in certain states – typically setting up tens of thousands of groups in a single state, with thousands of people required to manage these groups.

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